January 15, 2020  •  Comments Off on Grand Opening!

Welcome to Loving Kat Barrell, a fansite dedicated to the Canadian actress, Katherine Barrell! Since today is the official first day of production on season 4 of Wynonna Earp (after a year long hiatus), I wanted to launch the fansite on the same day to celebrate the return of our precious sh*tshow. Like many fans, I was first introduced to Kat through this show and fell in love with her acting talent, gorgeous looks & her beautiful, caring, personality. So, this fansite is my little token of appreciation for our favourite actress. I do hope you all enjoy & thank you for visiting!

Please note: Some of the wonderful photos out of the 9,000+ images in the gallery, namely from Earper conventions, were taken by the lovely Petra — so please visit her website for the full collection of amazing photos featuring Kat & the rest of the Wynonna Earp gang.

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