June 13, 2021  •  Comments Off on A New Era Begins

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this to say that I am the new owner. A couple of days ago, founder Angie, passed away. While we were not close, we had a bond together and it’s one that I will forever cherish and it is a devastating loss to the fansite community in a whole. . I have opted to take over the site and continue a site that I know she held dearly to her heart even though sometimes she thought of giving up on it and that she was a tried and true Earper who was proud of the show and the cast memebers, Kat in particular. Kat was someone that we bonded over and talked about and it was a driving force in making me want to continue the site. The site is under a new domain as access to the original one is unobtainable.

Angie will be dearly missed and I hope that I can keep her legacy going by continuing this site. This is not goodbye because I have a strong belief that she is looking down on all of us that she touched in her life and smiling knowing that we all cared for her and that we will do whatever we can to keep her memory alive. All I ask is that you give me time while I grieve to update and get the site in order.

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