Off2Kali Comedy

Character: Various

Created by: Richard Young

Cast Members: Richard Young, Clara Pasieka

Released date: September 19, 2012

Episode(s) Number: 1x01

Episode(s) Title: Indian Guy + White Name = PROBLEM!

Genre: Comedy

"Off2Kali Comedy" is sketch-comedy that's pointed. Sometimes edgy, sometimes witty, sometimes brainless, but always with a clear target in mind. Because The Jester Without Teeth Is A Fool. Guest stars include Colin Mochrie, Peter Keleghan, Huse Madhavji, Ennis Esmer, Glenda Braganza and more.

1×01 – Indian Guy + White Name = PROBLEM!: Off2Kali’s Richard Young is an Indian / Brown guy with a white name. And because of the problems that come with that, he wants you to tell him what his fake brown name should be. No, he’s not doing the Russell Peters’ comedic bit. But he does talk about Dev Patel, Danny Pudi, Naveen Andrews, and how his white name led to an ill-fated audition for the part of a World War II Canadian soldier.