Character: Rowena

Created by: Christopher Hollier

Directed by: Alex Graves

Written by: Christopher Hollier

Cast Members: Natalie Dormer, Leslie Odom Jr., Kevin McNally, Christopher Egan

Genre: Drama

It's 1840 and Boston is in the grips of a series of mysterious murders. When dark forces threaten, the only man who can protect the city is one who has spent his life chasing shadows - the legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe. The authorities don't like Poe's cocky, devil-may-care attitude, but they need him. His brilliant and unorthodox methods offer the only hope of solving the eerie crimes sweeping the city. While many people fear for their lives - and souls - Poe and his unlikely partner in crime, Celeste Chevalier, are ready to meet evil head on. Celeste is a beautiful and intelligent reporter who's way ahead of her time. Where Poe looks for possible supernatural forces at work, Celeste will stop at nothing to uncover more logical explanations.

Notable Mentions
→ Filmed on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
→ Unaired pilot for ABC.