March 4, 2021  •  Comments Off on ‘Good Witch’ Season 6 Captures – Part 1

The first batch of HQ captures from season 6 of Good Witch have now been added to the gallery; links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
6×01 – The Anniversary Captures
6×02 – The Chili Captures
6×03 – The Clock Captures
6×04 – The Dinner Captures
6×05 – The Mandala Captures

February 19, 2021  •  Comments Off on ‘Good Witch’ Season 7 Premiere Date Set

TVline has the premiere date for season 7 of Good Witch!

Hallmark Channel will return to Middleton this spring.

The cable network has announced that Good Witch Season 7 will premiere on Sunday, May 16, at 9/8c. In addition, Hallmark has provided the following tease:

The velvet pouches of soil discovered by Cassie, Abigail and Joy at the end of last season mark the start of a new Merriwick mystery for the cousins to unravel that leads them reflecting on their pasts and how learning how certain life events have impacted who they are now. Alongside the usual Middleton fun viewers have come to love, new relationships, personal challenges and romance are in store, making Season 7 one fans will never forget.

For the uninitiated: The Good Witch franchise began 12 years ago as a series of seasonal films. Seven made-for-TV movies were produced before Hallmark commissioned a full-fledged series, which bowed in 2015. The cast includes Catherine Bell (JAG), James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Sarah Power (Killjoys), Catherine Disher (Abby Hatcher), Kylee Evans (The Strain), Katherine Barrell (Wynona Earp), Marc Bendavid (Murdoch Mysteries) and Scott Cavalheiro (Carter).

“More than a decade after first meeting Cassie and the colorful characters of Middleton, viewers continue to be enchanted by their stories,” Michelle Vicary, EVP of Programming at Crown Media Family Networks, said in a statement. “The new season has more magic, love and adventure in store for viewers than ever before and we’re excited to share it with fans.”

February 9, 2021  •  Comments Off on ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4B Trailer

The trailer for season 4B has been released- the show returns March 5. Can’t wait!

October 25, 2020  •  Comments Off on ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4 Captures

HQ captures from the amazing first half of Wynonna Earp‘s season 4 have now been added to the gallery — however, please be aware that there are scenes of drowning and nudity. Links & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Links
4×01 – On the Road Again Captures
4×02 – Friends in Low Places Captures
4×03 – Look at Them Beans Captures
4×04 – Afraid Captures
4×05 – Holy War Captures
4×06 – Holy War: Part 2 Captures

September 21, 2020  •  Comments Off on Upcoming Projects & Site Update

First off, apologies for the lack of updates lately- turns out quarantine affected my updating mojo big time. As you may know, Kat has been participating in video calls with the fans under (virtual) Earp Curse Con and she’s confirmed several upcoming projects!

  • Good Witch – Season 7
  • Workin’ Moms – Season 5
  • Frankie Drake Mysteries – Season 4

I’m so excited about each project! Now that Wynonna Earp has gone back on hiatus after airing 6 episodes, I’ll do my best to get the site updated with the missing stills & captures- hopefully, we’ll get confirmation on a season 5!- I’m also still waiting for Netflix (UK) to add season 6 of Good Witch.

May 28, 2020  •  Comments Off on ‘Good Witch’ 6×05-6×07 Stills

Hallmark have released the episode summaries & production stills for episodes 6×05-6×07 of Good Witch, thus the gallery has been updated. Enjoy!

6×05 – The Mandala: Cassie interviews for a temp position teaching art history at a local university. Sam helps calm Adam’s nerves when he becomes anxious about his impending surgery. Abigail and Donovan move closer to finding the key to breaking the Merriwick-Davenport curse. Premieres Sunday, May 31, 9/8c.

6×06 – The Dream: Cassie gives her art history students a lesson on perspective. Sam performs surgery on Adam, who worries about his recovery. Joy’s troubling dream about Abigail and Donovan may not be what it seems. Martha courts a French delegation to secure Middleton’s status as its sister city. Premieres Sunday, June 7, 9/8c.

6×07 – The Tableau: As Cassie gets ready for Grey House’s 225th birthday, Martha leads the group in a tableau vivant recreating a Nathaniel Merriwick painting, leading to new clues surrounding the Merriwick-Davenport curse. Joy experiences life differently when her intuition suddenly takes a holiday. Premieres Sunday, June 14, 9/8c.

Gallery Link
Production Stills

April 30, 2020  •  Comments Off on Katherine Barrell’s Joy at Joining Good Witch for Season 6

A sweet interview with Kat about Good Witch. 3 days to go until the season 6 premiere! Kat has also confirmed that she’ll be live tweeting on Twitter when the episode airs!

There’s somebody new in town and she’s got a secret. That’s the case at the start of Season 6 of the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch, premiering Sunday, May 3 at 9pm/8c. Joy Harper (Katherine Barrell) is that new person and Cassie (Catherine Bell) certainly seems to suspect something is up with the newest resident of Grey House. Joy is in town though for work and eager to get started renovating one of the Middelton’s oldest homes. Viewers will have to watch and see for anything else that she may be up to in town.

For Barrell, joining the successful series in Season 6 was a pleasant surprise. With the fate of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp, where Barrell is a regular and plays the popular Sheriff Nicole Haught, up in the air last year after a stall in production, Barrell found herself looking into other roles and landed the part of Joy. Filming on Wynonna Earp did resume early this year, after she was done filming Season 6 of Good Witch, unfortunately only to be interrupted by the pandemic.

Barrell recently spoke to The TV Junkies about her role on Good Witch and why it was such a great experience for her. She also shares her disappointment in another break of filming for Season 4 of Wynonna. Also, despite the postponement of the official ceremony, Barrell was the recent recipient of The Canadian Academy’s Audience Choice award that was voted on by fans.

The TV Junkies: So you’re on hiatus from Wynonna Earp last year, not knowing what was really happening there, and you get this role on Good Witch. How did that opportunity come about?

Katherine Barrell: It came about really quickly. I had been living in L.A. last year and just got back to Toronto. There was so much on hold because Wynonna didn’t go and I hadn’t auditioned for anything else. So I thought I’d get my demo reel together and get back in the audition pool, and Good Witch was right away when I got back to Toronto. I was in a session editing my new demo reel, hoping to book future jobs, and I booked Good Witch. It was a very funny moment.

It was a wonderful opportunity because I had just came back to the city, and I had that anxiety over not knowing what was happening with Wynonna, and so it was nice to get this. I had auditioned for Hallmark a few times for some movies, and knew they were interested in working with me, so it’s been a matter of finding the right fit. When this came up it was the perfect opportunity, especially given the fact that it’s shot in Toronto.

TTVJ: I never realized that and always figured it was shot out in Vancouver.
KB: Yep! It is also shot in Hamilton right outside of Toronto and nearby where I grew up. The fun part is — Hamilton is about an hour and a half outside of Toronto — that my parents live close by. So if we were shooting nights and multiple days, I would just go back to their place and spend the night there. That was really fun and sweet and a whole other element of working from home. Not only did I get to go back to my house, but I got to hang out with my parents when I was shooting in Hamilton and that was really cool.

TTVJ: What can you share with us about Joy Harper and why she’s in Middleton?
KB: When Joy first comes to Middleton she stays at Grey House, Cassie’s bed and breakfast. She tells Cassie there’s a job that she has her eye on in town and there’s this mystery around her. She’s a historic home renovator, which means that Joy basically has my other dream job of restoring old homes. It’s so funny when I got the part because I thought I could get to live this alter ego of the other job I’d love to do.

TTVJ: I actually was curious if that was something you picked up from her or if that has been a passion of yours that existed before playing her.
KB: It existed! I was 13 or 14 and watching HGTV and all the renovation shows. I’ve always been obsessed with old homes and my dream is to restore a beautiful old Victorian one day. So yes, it’s actually a huge passion of mine, for real, and just a coincidence that Joy does it as well.